Rich   Grant

Rich Grant has enjoyed a 35 year career in both Corporate America and Private Business Ownership. He was the youngest Vice President in the history of a Fortune 500 company; a Principal in a Mega Boat Dealership and the Founder of Sales and Investment Vehicle, Empire Aviation, LLC. But Real Estate has always been Rich's first love. Active since 2005, Rich brings the experience, wisdom and vision to lead The Grant Homes Group & Coast2Coast Realty into the fast paced, ever evolving "new age" of real estate. Known for his personal “catch phrase”, “If I’m Awake, I’m At Work”, Rich is a tireless advocate for his clients and friends. 

Rich is a dedicated father, an avid golfer and loves horseback riding. At his core Rich is commited to his faith and expressing that faith in ways that produce real, lasting and positive change in peoples lives